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Huawei lightning-fast speeds, always-on mobility, and continuous self-organizing networking.
New Enterprise Wireless Network
Construction Standard: 200 Mbps @ Anywhere

With the rapid development of science and technology, new business scenarios will emerge in industrial production, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and office industries. For example, the number of terminals per person in office scenarios is increasing day by day, which brings more requirements for high-concurrency video conference services. In healthcare scenarios, users need to check medical images of super-large sizes, which greatly affects the rate and experience of other services. In manufacturing scenarios, mobile devices frequently go offline during roaming, resulting in unstable data transmission and increasing production time and costs.

Huawei AirEngine Wi-Fi series are developed to address different pain points in the scenarios of high-density offices, multi-service hybrid offices, and mobile offices. Committed to ensuring user experience, Huawei launches the experience-centric wireless network construction standard: 200 Mbps @ Anywhere based on future service evolution and multiple exclusive technological innovations. This standard will ensure 200 Mbps bandwidth for VIP users at 15 HD video conferences in a hybrid office scenario. During peak hours of conferences, a maximum of 50 video channels on a single AP are guaranteed, without frame freezing. Users can enjoy the ultimate Wi-Fi experience anytime, anywhere, like 5G.

Ultra-high-density access
Innovative technologies, including OFDMA & MU-MIMO joint scheduling, air interface traffic pre-aggregation, and CoSR, are used to reduce co-channel interference and improve user concurrency.
Audio and video assurance
Intelligent multimedia scheduling is leveraged to identify application types and dynamically adjust resources. Audio and video traffic is preferentially guaranteed without affecting other types of services.
Seamless coverage & roaming
Industry-leading smart antennas deliver ubiquitous coverage to terminals even during the movement. With the exclusive AI roaming algorithm, APs steer terminals to the AP with the best signal quality. During the roaming, terminals always have full signal bars, without bandwidth drop.
Select the Best WLAN Products for Your Business
Indoor Access Points

AirEngine 8760-X1-PRO Access Point

Huawei's next generation indoor flagship Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP with 16 spatial streams, built-in Smart Antennas, and dual IoT slots, with support for triple-radio mode, achieving a rate of up to 10.75 Gbit/s.
Designed for scenarios requiring high bandwidth and a high-quality network experience, such as high-end enterprise offices, conference spaces, immersive teaching, and business class lounges in airports.
Outdoor Access Points
AirEngine 8760R-X1 & 8760R-X1E Outdoor Access Points

Next generation outdoor flagship Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) APs that support 16 spatial streams — eight at 2.4 GHz (8x8 MU-MIMO, 8T8R) and eight at 5 GHz (8x8 MU-MIMO) — achieving a device rate of up to 10.75 Gbit/s and delivering superb outdoor coverage performance.
Designed for high-density outdoor scenarios, such as outdoor stadiums, public squares, and parks.
Scenario-based access points

AirEngine 6760-51EI Access Point

A next generation indoor Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AP purpose-designed for rail transportation, supporting four spatial streams and a maximum rate of 4.8 Gbit/s. The AP complies with EN50155 vehicle-mounted electronic equipment standards and supports rapid link handover, meeting the stringent requirements for train-to-ground backhaul network deployments.

Access Controllers

AirEngine 9700-M1 Access Controller

A high-performance wireless AC designed for medium- to large-sized enterprise campuses, enterprise branches, and school campuses, AirEngine 9700-M1 can manage up to 3072 APs, providing up to 120 Gbit/s forwarding performance.

WLAN Antennas

Antennas are important components for wireless coverage. They convert radio signals of access points (APs) into electromagnetic waves for radiation.

A full series of antennas are available for Huawei APs. The antennas are easy to install and meet requirements in various application scenarios.
Guaranteed Quality
Executive Heights,
Al-Thanyan first,
Al-Barsha, Dubai, UAE
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