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Network switches

Network Switches
For a wide variety of applications and network sizes,
from cloud data centers to campus networks.
Why Huawei Switches
Products & Solutions for Every Scenario
Huawei's comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions enables you to realize smooth digital transformation and rapid growth of virtualization, Big Data, and cloud services.
Tailored for Every Industry
Huawei switches already help customers achieve success in industries such as finance, Internet, retail, education, manufacturing, and public services. And with solutions rated as Challenger and Visionary by Gartner, Huawei will take you to the next level.
Global Services Localized for You
Huawei works with thousands of partners around the world to deliver innovative products and solutions that are localized to meet your exact requirements.
Select Only the Best for Your Business
Campus Switches
Huawei campus switches are ideal for building future-proof campus networks with simplified management, high reliability, and service intelligence, across industries such as enterprises, governments, education, finance, and manufacturing.
  • CloudEngine S16700 Series Switches 
  • CloudEngine S12700E Series Switches 
  • CloudEngine S8700 Series Switches 
  • CloudEngine S5735-L-V2 Series Switches 
Data Center Switches
CloudEngine data center switches — Ethernet switches widely used in diverse applications and in different network sizes, in both data centers and high-end campus networks — feature network scaling, automation, programmability, and real-time visibility.
  • CloudEngine 16800 Series Data Center Switches 
  • CloudEngine 9800 Series Data Center Switches 
  • CloudEngine 8800 Series Data Center Switches 
  • CloudEngine 6800 Series Data Center Switches 
Network Management, Control, and Analysis Software
Designed for scenarios such as data centers, enterprise campuses, and enterprise private lines, making networks more simple, smart, open, and secure, as well as accelerating enterprise service transformation and innovation.
  • iMaster NCE-CampusInsight 
  • iMaster NCE-FabricInsight
Guaranteed Quality
Executive Heights,
Al-Thanyan first,
Al-Barsha, Dubai, UAE
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