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Network security products

Network Security Products
Introducing AI-based threat response, software-defined network-security defense, and intelligent security policy optimization, Huawei network security helps mitigate network security risks as customers go digital.
Why Huawei Network Security?
AI-Based Proactive Detection
Makes networks far less susceptible to attacks, shifting protection from passive defense to active defense with the threat detection rate at higher than 95%.
Network-Integrated Security
Comprehensively eliminates network security risks, shifting from node protection to network protection to ensure minimal losses.
Business-Driven Automatic O&M
Automatically generates and deploys business-driven security policies, helping enterprises and carriers go beyond manual O&M, to intelligent O&M.
Select the Best Product for Your Business

HiSecEngine USG12000 Series AI Firewalls

Combining advanced hardware architecture with a wide array of cutting-edge technologies — from energy conservation to reliability mechanisms and security features — HiSecEngine USG12000 offers highly accurate, real-time defense against known and unknown threats at the network edge for large data centers and campus networks.

Security situational awareness and APT defense

HiSec Insight Advanced Threat Analytics System

Defends against APT attacks by using big data analytics and machine learning, with the ability to detect resource reconnaissance, external penetration, command and control, internal transmission, and data forwarding.

Security Management

SecoManager Security Controller

Security service orchestration, unified policy management, and high-performance log management for data centers, campus networks, and branch networks. SecoManager collaborates with network devices, security devices, and a big data-based intelligent analytics system — HiSec Insight — to establish a network-wide security defense system that is capable of detecting, analyzing, and handling threats.

DDoS attack mitigation

Huawei HiSecEngine AntiDDoS12000 Series DDoS Defense System

Huawei HiSecEngine AntiDDoS12000 provides up to 2T+ security protection performance and service expansion capabilities, ideal for mitigating heavy-traffic DDoS attacks. It can also effectively defend against and block hundreds of complex attacks in seconds or even milliseconds, ensuring customers' service continuity.

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